English classes. 29.04.21

Read the text and answer the questions

It’s hard to believe that no one had computers a few years ago. I wonder how people lived. There must have been a lot of paperwork. I can’t imagine writing everything by hand. I also wonder how everything worked without computers. We need computers today for everything. Hospitals, airports, the police… nothing can work without computers. I’m sure I’d be ten times busier than now if I didn’t have a computer. Imagine having to find a piece of paper and an envelope and then walking down the street to mail a letter! I love my computer. It makes everything in my life so convenient. Sure, it freezes and crashes sometimes. Sure I lose some data. But that’s not often. Most of the time my computer is like my best friend.

When did you first use the computer? 

I first used the computer in 1989 at school. The computer program helped us to draw pictures of the coordinate points at the Algebra lesson. 

When did you buy your first personal computer? 

My first computer was bought in 2005 by my father. It was a present from UAE. After that, I was able to do my homework at the Institute. 

What computer programs do you know? 

The last computer program I used was AP, Armenian Program, which is used at the banks. Although I also studied a program for creating training games. This program is taught to the students of our Educomplex. It is called Fox. 

Do you use the computer at work every day? 

Yes, now I use the computer constantly at work and after work, and I really get sick of it. So, I try to relax with an ordinary paper book and use digital devices as little as possible. 

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