What means book for me

Homework. Composition

The book plays important role in my life. Firstly it was entertainment, as we don’t have access to movies and interesting TV programs. Maybe that’s why I have started to read books in my childhood. Then It was mostly the way to escape from reality, to find interesting friend and companion. My first book was Adventures of Tomek in Africa. The reason was my dream to become a biologist, to discover different countries and study animals.

Then in student times I read books for self improvement, and interested in yoga and esoteric. I have read philosophical literature, for example Blavatskaya, Rerikh etc. Now I still interest in this topic and read Vadim Zeland Transserfing of space.

Also I discover for myself the world of fantasy literature. I read Tolkien The Lord of the rings. And started to interest in science fiction Aisec Azimov, Ray Bradbery, Strugatskiy brothers.

I would recommend very up-to-date book for our days of Ray Bradbery Fahrenheit 451. This book is about future American reality, where there is no place to book and all kinds of books are forbidden. Sometimes I feel that our world moves in this direction.

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